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Treasures et curiosities

Lauriane Delgado-Ferranti grew up in Pomerol, nourished by the shades of pink, mauve and deep purple of the sunsets of Gironde.

From her strolls in fields, vineyards and gardens she brings back pickings that she mixes with her treasures garnered as a ballerina. Her creations offer a focus on worlds filled with light, curves and counter curves.

The artist finds her inspiration in the fruit and the nature around her.

The down of the flowers turns into fabric, the pearl becomes a drop, gold lies alongside silver.

Lauriane mixes treasures and cheap junk, spangles, tulle and taffeta….

Fruit becomes erotic, material sparkles, colours delight.

The sensual drawing evolves into a caress.

Her style, deeply Mannerist through its shapes and radiant colours, is always on the move, a throwback to the graceful gestures of the dance that she has practised a lot since her childhood and that inspires her to this day.

‘Every gesture is a form of dance, I dance when I paint and my body sways freely’.

Lauriane Delgado-Ferranti passed in 2003 a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III, where her work pinpointed the correspondence between the Arts of the Dance and Visual Arts.

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